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  • this was way ahead of its time

  • god fucking DAMN this shit is the most beautiful song on audiotool. period.

  • flashbacks to blasting this like 40 times in a row when i first heard it.

    can't believe it's been 8 years...

  • the sound design aged like fukn wine.

  • refav

  • refav

  • refav

  • Luvly

  • refav because this will always deserve attention. i'm forever in love with this track.

    you wanna see what audiotool can do? this a dope example of it boi

  • this song inspired me so much. i've always wanted to make something like it. but i never will....

  • this is so good for 4 years ago omfg

  • such a good tune! but I have to say, this must be the most clippiest track on this site :P

  • Someone had to say it, lol.

    Nice melodic work btw ^-^


  • #thanksolace

  • refav