Trying to be Com Truise.

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  • gosh, this needs a repeat button

  • very nice ^_^,,..,,!

  • Best in audiotool...

  • Still the best song you have!!!

  • you mean your trying to be gold panda? nice track man

  • haha that awkward moment when you make a song and name it cosmonaut and realize someone already made a track with that name :P

  • So unbelievably amazing.

  • very nice

  • nice kickback rhythm..I don't know what a chillwave is but I think I just felt one...

  • Very good Com Truise-ness!

  • favorite song from you :]

  • Added to invented mod as ingame composition.

  • I was gonna say: Make more of those kraftwerk-tribute you posted on youtube. But this comes close. Really cool ;)

  • Man this chillwave is def something I could listen to you make all day.

  • You reallly caught his style with the stacato bass and the long bg synth :P really good stuff :)