If I was a TCP Packet in the 1990s, this would totally be my soundtrack for travelling across the net. Like a Bauce.

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  • wait why didnt i hear this before

  • Coulda sworn I had favorited this one.

  • Oh boy! I'm listening to this again!! So amazing!

  • MO' REPUBs

  • Added to Invented mod as Trailer composition.

  • any chance of getting the download enabled on this man?

  • yeah, you're right, his work is just so complex. great job, man

  • i once tried remixing one of your tracks.. all i could manage was adding a random rasselbock ;D

    BTF yet again! :)

  • perfect ;)

  • another excellent track i dig it :)

  • killer track mane.

  • That in itself is amazing

  • If there were a few more routing options for making patches internally on the synths my projects would be much less of an automation-fest. But, I don't care since all the tools are there to shape how you want manually.

  • ....did you practise that on your plastic clarinet!;-)