Cover of track DANGER (remix contest) by COJEY
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COJEY, DANGER (remix contest)


Rules: Make a remix of this song in any genre/style. You do not have to use all the samples in the song, if you decide to use any at all.

-Remixes must be done with a partner. The winners will be announced on June 25. Winners get a summerlong shoutout.

-I must hear a certain series of notes in the remix. It is labelled inside the track if you want to look.

-Bottom line: Pick a partner. Make a remix. Make that one snippet heard.

PS: Thanks for all your support, everyone. I have learned so much and made so many friends on this site, I'm almost more socially active here than IRL.

I will be going on a hiatus starting on 28 June. The hiatus will last until 8 August. Please don't unfollow me! (jk you can if you want to, but that'd be a jerk move). I will be working and living in a remote area with no internet access during that time.

Thanks, everyone!!! :D

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