Cover of track DJ slinkSTEP Remix Contest (KyRoPracter Remix) by KyRoPracter
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KyRoPracter, DJ slinkSTEP Remix Contest (KyRoPracter Remix)


This is pretty much as good as I think this is going to get, so I'll be leaving it alone now :p

10/9 - Still working on it, just wanted to download what I have so far.

10/11 - Put about 4 hours into it. I think it's about done, may be some minor tweeks here and there.

Enjoy! :)

10/12 - Yup, had to tweak some things. Added more at 3:55 . Trying to keep a 'horror' type of theme going here. The chainsaw sample is now uploaded, there was no chainsaw samples in the database, so I added one :)

10/13 - Made some more minor changes. Mostly around 3:33 to 4:26 . Also changed the sub bass just a bit.

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    KyRoPracter about 5 years ago

    Thanks again everyone. Artemix and Born Deaf, I will see what I can do to tweak the intro, but im not sure what more I can do to it. But I will give it a shot, see what I come up with.

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    KyRoPracter about 5 years ago

    @abstract Hmm, not sure, it isn't any of the samples. My guess is one of the pulv presets Slink used. You are listed as contributor on the original also.

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    Sir Slinky about 5 years ago

    i think im just gonna let u win lol

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    EZ STEEZY about 5 years ago

    I like it is dark and big very nice!

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    abstract about 5 years ago

    u should make a chill hip hop remix of this, it would sound sooo sick