Okay, so me, ShatteredHeartz first... I AM SOOOO SORRY DUBSTEPMIDNIGHT! I ran out of time these last couple of months, and didn't have enough time to work on Audiotool! So yes, most of the credit goes to him! Most of mine is the bass and I also smoothed things up a bit. Anywho, I would like to thank DubstepMidnight for working on this would me, it was great! (Although, he probably wouldn't want to work with me again because I am a slacker and become WAAAAY too busy with my life...) Soooo.... I hope you enjoy!

Hey Guys DubMid Here with Shattered on our new song Dream of Hope idk what to say but i guess maybe i can say that i kinda mostly did it and also i'm happy how this collab goes like it has gone well

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    Distorted Vortex

    about 3 years ago

    @ShatteredHeartz don't say that like i would like to collab with you even if you do take awhile to do it