Cover of track Dubiosity by André Michelle
  • about 1 year ago
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André Michelle, Dubiosity

  • Dub
  • Techno

Monotone increasing dub-function

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    Fluent about 9 months ago

    hey :)

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    LAΞVΞNT about 10 months ago

    love the plucky chords in the background

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    LAΞVΞNT about 10 months ago

    oh yes

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    safa_saoudi about 1 year ago

    amazing boss

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    cripta about 1 year ago

    Cool one!! Missed your dubby shit ;)

    Can i print a t-shirt with that logo ?

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    E-trim about 1 year ago

    hypnotic indeed ... Love the building up ... changes so slow u don't even really notice it but u hear it isn't boring at all becus of that

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    Kepz about 1 year ago

    love how the track starts off chilled and gains traction as it progresses..

  • User Avatar

    Rodrigo Del Canto about 1 year ago

    WoW An increasing monotone function

    4:00 Hypnotic

    Cool perc

    Cool Textures