Cover of track Good mixing Bad track by Vizil
  • 3 weeks ago
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Vizil, Good mixing Bad track


#Spaceforbass because idiots never use it that way

list of things that are bad

1. gets lame and nothing feels impactful

2. synths are really shit

3. beat gets lame af like all EDM beats

4. meshing of synths is making a loud high octave noise

Things that are goodish

1. The transition in bar 13 is good

2. end bit is ok not what was in my head, it's ok

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    Dustin Ross

    2 weeks ago

    great energy here! it sounds like an good intro into a longer track

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    3 weeks ago

    regular show is life

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    3 weeks ago

    Love it. Can u help me make synthwave - dubstep? I'm new to audiotool.

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    3 weeks ago

    space is amazing for bass

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    3 weeks ago

    things sound different aka the bass and its matrix

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    3 weeks ago

    I like this a lot