My brand new single 'Eternity' is finally here!


After an ID was uploaded on to audiotool about a month ago, 2 weeks later, the ID was edited with the official title 'Eternity'. Now, finally, this ID is released and this brand new single delivers as a great follow-up from my latest big single 'The Dragon'.


The track blends together melodic progressive house with hard Big Room House and brings a very uplifting, yet somewhat haunting feel.

After a huge intro of hard kicks, slicing claps and uprising synths, the main melodic line comes in, which builds up to a great climax before the Progressive House Drop (A re-work of the melody) smashes you in the face.

However, that isn't all... Just when you think the song couldn't get any bigger, the melody slides into a huge build up which then gives way to a big surprising 2nd drop!


This big new single is the first track that will feature on my brand new EP, coming in the winter...

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