Im didnt change anything. i just deleted the others since I hated being known for that. they are still here but not at the top. this is a year old now. Welcome to the First Semi-Annual Audiotool Battle!

This is essentialy the same groundwork as a remix comp,

But in the Audiotool Battle, there is only one winner, and we, (Majority Vote) decide who won.

The winner recives bragging rights as best artist out of the group that entered.

(Prizes are still to be decided)

And I also have to participate.

Sadly, To make it fair for other people, No other DAWs are allowed.

Samples galore, Sure. But only if they do not impend upon rule stated above.

We are currently considering disqualifiying people with 600+ followers, at least for the first competition, (For they are far more talanted than us mere mortals) But are still welcomed to create a track.

Tracks must be atleast 30 seconds in length, And will be judged on quality of product. Not style.

Each artist has 2 attempts, (Can create two seprate tracks) To be crowned winner.

We will have a Poll for the winner, And the winner shall recive anywhere from 10-25 dollar gift card on: (To Be Decided By Group Vote)

Good Luck to those entering, And have fun!

Deadline September 1st!

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    Prox.(id) about 2 years ago

    waiting u dont forget this project

  • User Avatar

    Rodrigo Del Canto about 2 years ago

    But if this is a competition why it is not open the remix?

  • User Avatar

    sonic3ze about 2 years ago


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    Prox.(id) about 2 years ago

    U should make this every year like audiotool day

    ( i want to do sth. Like that too XD )

  • User Avatar

    sonic3ze about 2 years ago

    if you guys really want, ill do one soon.