Cover of track Four Chords by André Michelle
  • about 2 years ago
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André Michelle, Four Chords

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Quick run.

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    Smiley Cat about 1 year ago

    senpai, how do get good? just curious.

  • User Avatar

    fontana about 1 year ago

  • User Avatar

    loste about 1 year ago

    that clap is so nice

  • User Avatar

    floydpjasper about 1 year ago

    sweet filter work:)

  • User Avatar

    Santi Tenca about 1 year ago

    Cool track my friend


  • User Avatar

    slopo about 2 years ago

    A happy tune after the Beat Butcher :)) Cool.

  • User Avatar

    Nexeriz about 2 years ago

    I like that lead m8.

  • User Avatar

    Zone about 2 years ago

    nice flow :)! really like the beat.

  • User Avatar

    The Seahorse about 2 years ago

    I love tracks like this. The possibilities are infinite. :)

  • User Avatar

    E-trim about 2 years ago

    Great one. Nice vibe going on in this one

  • User Avatar

    Mikke about 2 years ago

    wow! instant fav! the bass is super!

  • User Avatar

    André Michelle about 2 years ago

    @Rodrigo Del Canto True. Cannot wait for Next to let people finish my tracks :)

  • User Avatar

    Rodrigo Del Canto about 2 years ago

    Great sound, very dynamic. I like this.

    At 3:47 I thought everything would go out and just left alone this emerging sound and percussion. But no. Maybe in a remix ;)

  • User Avatar

    cigarette burns about 2 years ago

    крутая работа чувак )

  • User Avatar

    Jordi Moragues about 2 years ago

    Nice, super-groovy! The four chords are great and I love the changes and the end! The track has a more "dance" feel and variation from what is usual for you, does it?