More Stuff. I like the Bass.

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  • Cool Voice Samples. Just cool song in general

  • Did you actually play the lead @ 1:52 ? It's wonderful.

  • Yeahhhhhhh

  • Omfg I've always loved thiss

  • damn dude! nice work:) love that intro sample and the pwm'd leads!

  • Was this influenced by Art Official Age? Reminds me of it.

  • <3

  • This track is so underrated.. Nice work

  • nmerh

  • Com Truise style! Very nice!

  • Luv your synth sounds!!!

  • Fucking Awesome......


  • Some of the synths remind me to Miami Nights 1984. Really nice work :)

  • Hey, i saw your tutorials on youtube and there great. Easy to understand, not too complicated. When i first opened the program without watching the videos, i thought this was going to be a hell of a long time before i got close to what others make, but i'm glad i decided to watch the videos and not practice on my own and possibly fuck anything up haha.

    This may be answered in a future tutorial but, how do you extend timeline length? To make it longer than 1:20

  • trippy