Cover of track FUSION (Beat For KXD!...And Everybody!!) by jordandd
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jordandd, FUSION (Beat For KXD!...And Everybody!!)


When you got jordan and KXD! flare = Gotenks

And now for some Q&A! :D

Where tf have you been?

idk. I mean I was occasionally on AT sometimes.

What ever happened to that Cherry Bomb Remix you were gonna finish? Wasn't it gonna be BIG?!

Eh, well about that I kinda forgot about it and I wanted to focus on just making more tracks. When I make something and publish it, I don't really like going back to it and republishing it (Unless there's someting wrong with it that needs to fixed). If I put something out there, then I just want to be done with it. So yeah, very sorry about that. :(

Why did you hide all your tracks?

Tbh I kinda wanna start over again, I also want to start making different kinds of genre of music like alternative, lofi, phonk, melodic dubstep, stuff like that. I was also kinda in this phase of either keep up my account or deleting it... got a little unmotivated to make anymore tracks at some points :( but it's all good now because I'm gonna start making more; a lot of artists have inspired me to keep going. So yeah, sorry to everyone who might have been wondering where I've been this whole time.

P.S. But If there ARE tracks that you would like for me to unhide though, then you can just tell me on my wall to unhide it no problem :)

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