Cover of track Get Back Up (Original Mix) by Token
  • about 11 months ago
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Token, Get Back Up (Original Mix)


a tribute to looks' track moonboy: moonboy, for sebastian

Called it original mix cause I plan on doing two more: one with rap vocals (if anyone on here can rap hmu) snd a more elctronic version.

Basically a collection of all my sad times.

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    Amanie about 7 months ago


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    Rodeheavrr about 9 months ago


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    Xim about 9 months ago

    definite remix!!!

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    YITO♻️ about 9 months ago

    this is legit

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    ZIM about 11 months ago

    Go ask Nionsomnia to rap if you want. By far the best rapper on AT and his style would fit this