Cover of track GRIK3:)! by yafee?
  • about 4 years ago
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yafee?, GRIK3:)!


I tried to do a slower classic sounding dub tech track here, but failed!

It turned into somethin else, eheh. I'll try again.

Anyway i hope you enjoy this:)!

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    Santi Tenca about 2 years ago

    Cool man :)

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    yafee? about 3 years ago


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    E-trim about 3 years ago

    How u make it so loud??? :/

    And the sounds are really good man. Very clear and detailed. Love it.

    Sorry for not following u earlier :)

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    yafee? about 3 years ago

    Thanks guys:)!

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    Onyx about 3 years ago