come untethered and float

while your memories become new

again (comprising of nothing, anymore)

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  • wow so glad to come across this one. i have been experimenting to use AT a bit like a modular rack, and seeing this expands my horizons. crazy stuff man, sounds very unique and entertaining all the way!

  • one year ago! i think i gotta make a follow up

    • was already thinking "everywhere for always". more to come prolly

    • but dang did a year really pass by that quickly?

      man xd

    • name the follow up one "i'm somewhere for once"

  • i listened to this while going to bed

    let's say it helped me fall asleep

    but i only slept for 50 mins lol

    • one year ago i fell asleep to this song

      a history in the making xd

    • Def try it out bro

    • whoa haven't heard of this before! looks really cool

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  • mmmmm t e x t u r e

    • really tingles my earballs, incredible stuff!

  • Man this is unreal! What was your workflow consisting of when you put this all together? its amazing! Sounds like a full modular rack doing its thing <3

    • i saw you commented on sila's wall with some of devine's music a while ago (after i made this) and i listened a bunch! soooo cool! makes me really really really want to save up for some heavy duty modular gear

    • the next step was to try to shape large-scale change and create a cohesive narrative. there are a bunch of sections that focus on different types of sonorities (they start all interwoven but then separate, ie 3:00 - 4:00ish is one sonority, 5:05 - 6something is another that's interrupted at 5:40ish) but then it all coalesces into the ending, where it all becomes one texture (competing narratives are usurped by an overarching meta-narrative).

    • so each individual sound is pretty specifically crafted, but a lot is left up to chance. i thought a lot about the relations of each texture; sometimes one will take over another and sometimes the one that overpowered previously will be taken over by a "weaker" texture. it's all a lot of fun to play around with and i learned a lot in the process of making it. there are also a bunch of manipulations of the sum of all the different textures, like width manipulations, dynamic range, comb filters

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  • dude this shit is so creative

  • toss-up between this and sore loser as your best track... it's so close, both sooooo good

  • unbelievable

  • wo...

  • This is actually amazing! It's hard to strike the line between mediocre random and enjoyable abstract.

    So, let me break down why its good:

    1.) Very nonstandard and it's refreshing to hear something when I don't know what to expect.

    2.) Lots of varied sound design that uses the platform tools in a sincere and creative way.

    3.) The soundscape creates an interesting mood and atmosphere.

    4.) This track is humble and not trying to sound contrived, commercial, or impressive.

    • holy shit infy!! thank you this means so so much <3

    • If this was in an audiotool-specific contest, I would vote it #1 immediately.

  • Wow this is really weird but I love it

  • Worlds in this,

  • Use this comment as a ticket: been here before this charts.

    • singles chart in less than a week

      homie definitely deserved the chart! C:<

    • Worked like a charm. Remember kids, always get ur tickets in time. Congrats on a single chart. Well deserved Nico man.

    • do i get a ticket

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  • wow. this is crazy...

  • This is unreal, the complexity and creativity....whaaaatttt