Cover of track Guava (Messing Around) V2 by sonic3ze
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sonic3ze, Guava (Messing Around) V2

  • piano
  • percs
  • funky
  • cute

enjoy <3


Theres a rap gap in here, Because My friend Is gonna Help out and rap for me.

I may Rap too, if ppl put decent lyrics below.

Anyway, still gonna do minor edits.

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    Lacuna about 6 months ago


    taking things easy

    dont want to speak so quickly

    otherwise itll get messy

    like having anal with 3ZE

    but dont wanna take it too slow

    cuz it'll screw wit my flow

    but i think i just gotta go

    and hope for the best,

    never taking a single rest.


    never expecting less,


    only expecting the best


    dangerous like a police without a vest


    (continued in reply)

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      Lacuna about 4 months ago


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      sonic3ze about 4 months ago

      Best bars. im actualyl gonna have to do this now

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      Lacuna about 6 months ago

      Stomach hurts like a doctor incision

      do many drinks, and I'm still paying for it,

      hangover, but the party was lit.

      She's acting a little crazy, and she's mumbling

      "I had too many drinks also, I gotta admit"

      got outta bed and stumbled to the closet

      "Your clothes are on the couch," said the little post-it

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    synthy about 4 months ago

    those bars are godly wtf

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    Smiley Cat about 1 year ago

    I'm a maniac, I'm manic

    I'm a braniac, I'm tantric

    But I mainly act slow

    Because I'm too fast like Sanic

    Some gay-ass handicapper

    Who calls himself "The Fapper"

    Ghost writes my raps on his laptop

    Because he never was a rapper

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    sonic3ze about 1 year ago

    fuck it i have nothing better to do.

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    sonic3ze about 1 year ago