shoutout west for the main melody

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  • drink blood from the slits on the wrists of your bitch, keep a stick on my hip with the shit since a kid, unload the clip from the benz reload the shit spin again, got golds on my teeth so ill die with a grin, 44 on my side so i walk with a limp, been drinking on this bottle got me talking with a lisp, know its kinda hard to follow when i get up in the mix, told your chick she need to swallow when she get up on my dick, kick her out by tomorrow cuz she said relationship

    • on frog

    • baby i aint saving shit, imma pass her to the clique like tom bradys in this bitch, the 380 banging leave a homie hanging out his whip, put the boy on a shirt then walk em up and down the strip

  • Man been listening to Polyphia a bit and I am getting similar vibes, just no guitar

    • Sonat made the same comment about two years, strange I'd never heard of it until that point haha

  • probably one of the last songs that will every go to 500 likes on AT

  • booty pandemic

  • Just saw that it was made in 2020. When Covid got bad..

    • It was made during the pandemic (hence the name)

  • refav lol

  • Damn goes kinda hard tbh

  • reminds me so much of little nightmares!!! definitely playing this for a halloween party. btw i cant stop listening to this lmao, its awesome.

  • Halloween vibes, like a croaky/raspy voice rapping behind this would like add the seasoning that this meal of a song needs

    • Appreciate the feedback

  • the drop went hard asf good job

  • Why is it not on ur YT channel dude ? also why not the whole album, its banger

    • Never really thought about it being on there, but I guess if theirs demand for it I could

  • Can't believe I have not seen this yet. What have I been doing??

  • dog this shit blew up holy shit

  • WOW.......this is GOOD good job.

  • this sounds like a NF typpa beat