Cover of track sugar sugar by laevent
  • about 2 months ago
  • 4484
  • 164
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laevent, sugar sugar


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    ford. about 2 months ago

    good lord this is great

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      loste about 2 months ago

      you're honestly so talented dude, like you definitely have a future doing this. like this is a masterpiece from beginning to end, who knows where you'll end up in a few years at this rate, you legit have the potential to be the next haywyre

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      Potasmic about 2 months ago

      "oh wow! This is really good. Who's this new guy?" "oh it's cuddlex lol"

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      Kavil about 1 month ago

      this one is crazy

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      Sacred Prime about 1 month ago

      How in the hell did you make this?!