Cover of track 4_sugar sugar by laevent
  • 2 weeks ago
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laevent, 4_sugar sugar


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    / kurp / 1 day ago

    how are you this creative?

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      xom 1 day ago

      come on, no one was born talented. this shit takes work

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      ApoC 1 day ago

      he was born talented!

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    ford. 1 week ago

    good lord this is great

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      Granted... 4 days ago

      oooohoohoh i love this so much and im only 30 seconds thru

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      amoeba 1 week ago

      i sense a lot of freedom in ur sound & i encourage u to hold onto that and avoid becoming self conscious. i only mention it cause ur music really stands out as being super carefree and i think thats why we all love it, and why its so creative. just keep letting it happen over and over again aight :)

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      acloudyskye 5 days ago

      you really gotta send these somewhere