Cover of track Heart by Token
  • about 1 year ago
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Token, Heart


My first full track! Hooray!

I studied a lot of tracks really hard in order to make this, especially dove and skydoki's collab.

Also sorry the growls suck it's my first time making them.

And, of course, I had to add a little future part :)

Crit is welcome, and please enjoy!

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    ZIM about 11 months ago

    O damn how have I been missing your stuff

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    Velocistar about 1 year ago

    You've got a lot of great stuff here. I'd love to hear more :)

  • User Avatar

    Aringrey about 1 year ago

    I recognize the melody.

    Isn't that neo or something?

    I don't know but I certainly know that melody from somewhere

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    Halcum about 1 year ago

    I finished your growl and even turned it to a wub. :D

  • User Avatar

    Classick about 1 year ago

    Amazing production dude!!!