Original Lyrics:

"The following song is proudly dedicated to:

All the things that got me running,

All the stuff I did not say,

All the awkward situations that got me flipping away,

To all unfullfilled desires ,

For all failures and fuck ups,

All the drugs that got me drifting so high

They pull me

Way down

Time is rolling and I'm way so backwards,

Time is running but I wont move on.

All these feelings have been weighing on me,

I would trade this all for just one getaway,

Just far away,

A hideway,

Set me away,

Baby I'm coming, dropping up like an anvil,

As heavy as an anchor,

Crashing down, I might hit you, watch it

Baby I'm drowning, catch me up if you care so

Or make room if you don't, so

I'll come through, I might hit you, watch it

Way down 

All of these feelings are pulling me down, down, down

Heavy emotions keep dragging me down, down, down (2x)

They pull me way down,

Way down" 

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