Cover of track Heisenburg Science Experiment V1.1 by Slim Magnito
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Slim Magnito, Heisenburg Science Experiment V1.1


I never did tell you this but when it comes to maths, physics, chemistry and sound i am a bit of MAD MAN so to make my point this track is nothing else BUT an experiment with just one heisenburg along with 3 detunes and 1 pre delay.

And to top it off using the 4 individual operators.

This is a pure waveform experiment to see how the heisenburg actually sounds on it's own which is completely different from @noraus1 heisenburgs patch experiment because this experiment focuses only on the base features.

Two more things i need to mention there will remixes and spin offs from this original experiment as we delve deeper into the heisenburg.

For those expecting drums beats, claps or snares. Sorry to dissapoint but there will be none of that.

For the first spin off to the original experiment a filter resosnance and cutoff has been applied so that the operater sounds are manipulated in terms of the cutoff and the resonating vibes

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