man I love future pop, so I decided to make my own Future pop track! Hope y'all like it, it's gonna be part of my coming debut album, Bubblee!

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  • i love this!

  • Its a beatiful song

    Keep going Icebox

  • lol my brass

  • i made my own vocals from this xD i love this

  • fuck dude, you really nailed this!! on listen #4 xD i just love those notes that fade in briefly and echo like at 00:20

    and those builds. fuck you're good at blending. Good song structure too. If someone pays attention when they listen, you can learn some interesting things here. I also love those trap-style crash stabs on the downbeat after the drop

    • hehehehe i practised my mixing here to try and make it a clean one. glad you liked it! this track had quite a lot of detail ;)

  • nice, this is nice even without the vocals

  • welp, sorry guys, no time for vocals lmao

    plus im not really in the mood for songwriting, and apparently y'all like this version lmao

  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes x300

    Beautiful work with this.

  • i love it

  • Republished


  • why in the actual hell is this in the singles charts? it's not even finished yet, like seriously why tf is this number 5 XDDD

  • Oh, I thought there was a vocal version somewhere

    • not yet hahahahahha soo ntho ;)

  • During the build could go like: oh, why did u have to - why did u have to do this to me?! Idk, thats what i was hearing

  • if this is sidechained, I can't tell. you should prolly make the sidechain heavier. Mixing is actually pretty great tho ngl. I'd give this track a solid 8/10. Well done m8, seriously!

  • The whistle lead, is a little ear-piercing, but otherwise this is nice.