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  • about time i actually finish this damn thing lol

  • Whoa where did this one come from? Hey I'm digging this track for sure. Very nice my friend..I'll be looking forward to more from you my friend..For real no joke.

    • Funny enough the techniques for both genres coincide

    • Just something I randomly made lol

      I used to make all sorts of weird bass design but I usually do exclusively experimental ambiance

  • ooo this is cool asf

  • true

  • I might fix this a bit later honestly bored of music production rn but that intro transition is bugging me :|

  • Believe me -

    I’ve tried ._.

  • omg

  • I wonder if this is one of the most simplistic neuro bass sound designs on this site lol

  • i will not touch grass

    i will touch metal instead

  • hittin the yoinky