Cover of track Doodle by Vizil
  • 2 weeks ago
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Vizil, Doodle


me: i wana make some lifting chord progression thing

also me: I randomly want to make a space growl but mute the chords and make it deathstep

also me: i want to work on the chords more and mute the growl and ruin the all space draft and deathstep by putting a pulv down and deleting all the deathstep but the growl

also me: finishes messing with the chord thing then tries to makes a space bass... tries many space basses, then other synth basses but none of them go well so i died and finally gave up

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    1 week ago

    You could make a cool dark song with those growls

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    2 weeks ago

    This is pretty neat. I can see the chords leading up to that growl progressively