Drums inspired by a crash session with a friend, @Kvmani

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  • This vibes so hard

  • i didnt even know this was possible on audiotool

    • ahhh, okay makes sense lol, still really nice tho

    • I'm sorry to disappoint, but the piano and bass are free VSTs that I ran on the free version of Ableton.

      But I suppose everything else is Audiotool...? I just made my samples externally.

  • idk what i was expecting but holy fuck, this is some high ass quality shit

  • purty noice chief

  • WHAT

  • ngl i could hear this on a label if this were longer

    really good

  • this is really smooth

  • the cover is clean, the track is clean, you are clean

    everything here is just cleannnnn

  • the thing is, pretty damn incredible

  • Abril Fatface font

    Abril Fatface font