Had a long thinking whether to include White Grizzly in this album or not since the man is at a different place resting now. But I let it be as a tribute to his work. The greatest of AT when it comes to ambience and movie background sounds. He had all the moods I wanted. If I want to change the way I feel I can do it by picking a track of his.

Rest in peace!



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  • What happened?

    • Uh, what's tik tok.

    • Dude are you serious. Literally 1 reply below Nyenoidz wrote what happened and u askin?

      No hard feelings but this Tik Tok era is fucking oblivious and annoying.

  • Rest in peace Max

  • ..im just finding out.. wow..

    he introduced me to IDM and how to find beauty in the metalic..

    wonderful tribute..

  • this song makes me want to cry, ive already had such an emotional 12 hrs and this might just put me over the edge...well done, buddy

    • <3

    • Thanks man. If u need to cry go ahead. Crying is not a bad thing we sometimes need it very much to get rid of emotions for a while. ❣

    • fuck, im rlly abt to cry

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  • man, his death was crazy for me...i never knew him personally but for some reason his death rlly hit me hard...rest easy, grizzy

  • thankful to see people still caring about whitegrizzly

    he always seemed to respond and interact with everybody

    really just felt like all he wanted to do was to help others and make the audiotool community one worth while.

    i forever want to show nothing but my gratitude and dearest condolences towards him and his family.

    glad to see you still spreading the word , sila .

    thanks again for how generous you have been to everyone in audiotool for the past year, it

    truly means a lot.

  • Beautiful piece of work. Listening and knowing the information that you shared gave me a minute to reflect and be grateful for all that I have. I wish I could have known him. For sure he is watching and appreciating the thoughts that have come with making this track and sharing it. Really good work! <3

  • beautiful tribute <3

  • kinda hard to hear

  • never heard of him during my time spent here, but I'll give some of his stuff a listen nonetheless

  • beautiful

  • Great White Grizzly, RIP <3 <3 <3

  • Chapeau Audiotool prince of darkness