Made a bunch of new presets for this one and kept it around classic chill/minimal/idm vibes. The wierd, dark echo like radar sound I made out of a ride cymbal on the TR909 drum machine.


second part devolves with idm/breakbeat but slowly builds it back up again for the final, third partition of the track. Still, whilst beat speeds up to some extent the feel of the song is still kept within the downtempo realm. It's just I added my classic Qua-Z twist to the mix.


And how did it get to correcto patronum? Well, I've sadly gotten into the habit of saying it whenever I notice something has a stupidly easy answer I was completely spacing on. When I come to the realization? "Oh. No Sh*t. Correctoooo Patronuuuum!"


I'm weird like that.

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    about 1 month ago

    oh yeah guess what? Made the wallpaper. Surprise surprise.