Cover of track Let Dragons Be by Torn Up
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Torn Up, Let Dragons Be


Walking alone in the deep woods you happen upon a dark and forboding cave in the side of a hill you had never seen before. Tentitively you move closer to the entrance and you sense the ominous heat and aura of a great dragon. You have been this way before in life yet unlike in the past you hesitate to see or learn more and instead of investigating further, you exit the entrance and walk on your way; better to let sleeping dragons be. ( work on this track was a real pleasure as the synergy was apparent from the start - the development of the music box idea was critical and is available in templates ) Myself and Uprising hope you enjoy hearing this as we did creating it. A speacial thank you also to the contributors.

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    This song’s great

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    Can I use this song for one of my yt vids?

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    This is gorgeous!

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    WHY,WHY, WHY did nobody tell me about this!!!(O, hm I'm new here)

    Well first time I use the word exelent! yeah there I sad it, and again Exelent, sol thanks guy's great job :) and plz post next one on my wall

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    <B L A N K>

    this track is the most nostalgic thing sense retro acid remakes. it sounds like a scottish war scene in medevail times

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    Possibly the best track I have ever heard on audiotool

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    Julia♥ 。◕‿‿◕。 (notactive)

    0.o clap clap clap.....

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    amazing cool

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    A incredible duo !!!

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    thanks for the download.. you guy amaze me.. I might be older than most learning music.. but I debating going back to school and learning all I can.. I'm so influenced by music it's a part of my life.. maybe thats why I'm going through a breakup.. It might be necessary for my musical talent to take shape... thanks friends..

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    really great stuff.

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    refav !

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    Wow I'm 8 months late but this is truly impressive. The description fits the track perfectly :)

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    Torn Up

    ty ssagg - new track coming very soon :)