This track isn't much of a chiptune, but the melodies were chiptune inspired. I created with the Pulverisateur a pulse wave with a non-square pulsewidth by syncing a square osc2 to osc1 and changing the pitch of osc2. That freed the LFO for vibrato.

I tried loosely following a pop structure but also included a break and some ad lib at the end.

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  • Nearly ten years later and now I'm very convinced that I don't think there will ever be anything on this website that tops this for me. My favourite audiotool track and one of my favourite tracks of all time; the pinnacle of the 2011-2013 era and also one of the definitive markers for the end of it.

  • Now that I've been using Milkytracker. This sounds super like a tracker song

  • Nice 80's vibe to it, really like this.


  • Music 4 the soul!

  • i have always liked your music. It is not something i make a lot of, but that is because There is some music i would rather just listen to

  • Not really my genre but like it, very clean

  • Heard the first couple seconds and then I was sold, arps and 80's lead synths turn me to mush lol

  • very good

  • i know that game, tell me!

  • Makes me wanna build a spaceship and travel through space :)

  • Amazing !

  • Why didn't I listen to your tracks before? Jesus they're good

  • why do i sense this is faster than 110BPM...

  • this is nice.