this is mah fav song so hope you like it :)

oh and make sure to follow Tincup

by the way..IM SUPPORTING HIM!

its like sharing but in the next level :)

soo here it is :D

btw:aint nobody like you ;) lolz

i just feel like putting this full track on audiotool(SHure why not put someones dubstep)it aint like that and plus the cut 30 by 30 on the track was too hard i had to put them in order cause of the recordings on the mp3 cut so heres this awesome dubstep from the past to bring back memories listening to this ;) enjoy


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    Insomnia. (NILEX...)

    about 3 years ago

    That..Tincup is not on AudioTool :T just wanna do something different to show you guys this.

    AND NO IM NOT STEALING IT its supporting and plus the song need a nice listen thats all so hopefully everyone might probably know this one and thanks again ;) Ciao!