all hi hat and no heisenberg.

chill out :)

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  • Maybe a little more percussiveness in your lead? I know, it's hard to do Organ type sounds without drawbars.

  • u against the hisenberg for sum reason

  • im crushing my balls listening to this ,that is how good this is

  • u need to put alot of these tracks together

  • Superc :)

  • im remixing this forsure

  • I saw this track and before listening, I said to myself "I WILL REMIX THIS." And then I heard the track.


  • too nice!

  • My ears feel flattered hearing this.

  • And, I'm guessing you were up late working on this, and that is why you called it little hours?

  • Sunday slipped past me again, and I'm only listening to this now. Exceptional.

  • twas a ghost

  • weird.

  • i saw your name appear above the plays D:<

  • but I didnt play it...?