This I made incredibly long on purpose: To hopefully break the record for the longest song on AT. If there is a longer song, you can post it in comments and I'll listen to it. Unless you just made one longer just so you can beat me, I'll probably just hate you for a time until I make a longer song.

Hehe... Sorry I won't hate you, I'll just strongly dislike you. I'm also trying to break the record for the longest description unless CallyKay can write up something longer(I'm sure you will!). So hopefully you'll be able to put up with the next few paragraphs of my crap. STARTING...


Hello, I'm nick123456 and I like trains. In fact, I like trains so much that I watched the movie Unstoppable about a million times. It's about how a train was almost tragickly thrown into a gas storage place or whatever it was. I feel bad about the train just talking about it... *sniff*

Sorry, I'll try to keep it together while I talk.

Anyways, It was supposed to be about these two guys, a black guy with lots of experience and a white guy with very litttle experience, who save the dreaded speeding 777 which was going, ironically, 77 mph at one point. They tried to slow it down before it got to the Stanton Curve I think it was called. But, they didn't slow it down, and it came to the curve... What happened next?! Sorry, you'll have to watch the movie.

*Sigh* What else to talk about... Any other genres of electronic music people can share with me? all you have to do is post your song and the type of genre it is, like Chill, Dubstep, or Dnb. Or Trance, my favorite. If you share a Trance song, you are automatically getting a Fav... as long as the song actually SOUNDS like Trance. Otherwise, I'm just going to say it's crap.

I hope I've made it long enough, but just in case, I'm gonna keep going. I've recently gone to NC and that's big because I'm from Florida. Yikes, I know. I had to sit on one seat with barely any time to get out and stretch and plus, I was with five other people including my parents in a minivan for 11 hours STRAIGHT.

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