Cover of track Hero [1.5k Remix Competition] by Kibbey is on break
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Kibbey is on break, Hero [1.5k Remix Competition]


The time I thought would never come has come.

1.5 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! That just seems like a crazy milestone to me. Thank you so much! It really lifts me up every day to see people enjoying my stuff. Through my bass music and house experiments, a canceled album, and my constant flow of demos but never full tracks, I never thought I'd make it here. But alas, here I am! It means a lot that you guys are sticking around and the "Kibbey Fan-Base" keeps growing.




1. At the least, use the melody and try to keep it mostly intact

2. Any BPM, any genre, and any key is allowed

3. Must be at least a minute and a half long

4. The deadline is May 20th, 2020

*NOTICE*: When you're done, post your remix in the comments here or in this album's comments -> Hero Remix Comp Entries (for some reason, remixes aren't showing up naturally)


It's been a bit, but I'm happy to do one of these again. I wanna see what you people can do! And again, thank you for this milestone, it really means a lot! Stay safe out there, wash your hands and ass, and good luck!


Music from the intro, in order:

Forever [ATD2017]


I was just trying to enjoy my sandwich

P.S. If you don't intend on working with anything from the intro, just get rid of the whole chunk of devices in the top right and reconnect Curve (6) ouput into the StereoOutput input.

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