Went a bit harder on this one, tell us what you think about this butchery.

Don't pay too much attention on the second drop ( we just had fun with heisenberg, rasselbock and stuff ;) )

Anyway, hope you'll enjoy and see you soon !

(Synths, Basses are made in audiotool)

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  • User Avatar

    oedipax about 2 years ago

    Production quality is great!

  • User Avatar

    Only Human (New Music) about 2 years ago

    (constructive criticism) - The bass feels kind of empty, and the crowd sample drowns it out, but the intros and chorus are your usual wonderful

  • User Avatar

    Rodrigo Del Canto about 2 years ago

    1:06 -->> Yeah Yeah Yeha Man!!!!

    pretty cool ;)

  • User Avatar

    loste about 2 years ago

    this is top notch