I was kinda excited for this ironically and unironically, but I just felt that I couldn't really capture the succa blyat of hardbass. Now it's in the graveyard.

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    this is i think the fourth song i've listened to by you today

    i was just bored so i grabbed my chromebook (BAAAAAAD laptop) to continue making the song i promised to my friend for his geometry dash level. ya

    then i realized that the song wasn't going as planned. i wanted for it to be somewhat dark in a way, cuz the name of it is "demon". so now i'm listening to ur epicc music.

    go Kibbey!

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    Vault Boy

    that's the most Russian thing I've seen in my life lmao

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    This some pretty softcore hardbass

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    That track photo is one of the most Russian things I've seen in a little bit now.

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    Goddamn Russians

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    idn wtf i just heard but that shit was cool

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    Call Me Lito

    I will threaten you with a good time if you don't let me make a psytrance remix

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      I mean, you can. I'm not stopping you.

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    very nice comrade

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    *insert a gif of elmo dancing for the motherland here*

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    ofvmusic ‏‏‎‎


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    Head Trauma Romance

    I love that there are actual russian vocals lol

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    yo this is wild xd

    literally just needs some tube distortion to hide the imperfections and make it more memey

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    ahaaha every time i see a Katyusha i shit myself

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    adidas tracksuit

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    o shit its that one track from the streams