Cover of track Firefly (Ft. Luxior) by Xavi
  • about 4 years ago
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Xavi, Firefly (Ft. Luxior)


No problem Lux

I'm going to miss you.

(Hope you don't mind me changing the name)

And the image is for a thing that will happen soon.

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    blvy about 1 month ago


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    EliDattBoi about 4 months ago

    I remember listening to this back in 6th grade... I'm in 9th now. It's been so long, and now I'm in my feelings , but I love to reminisce.

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    Pixus Decay about 8 months ago

    i just realized the cover is from akira

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    Kib about 1 year ago

    I'm starting to realize that there is one problem with this track... the snare is too damn quiet

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    sin thee about 1 year ago

    you wouldn't believe your eyes