Cover of track demi_lovato by naswalt
  • about 3 months ago
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naswalt, demi_lovato


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    legal loli 1 week ago

    1:32 omfg

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    s k u l 2 weeks ago


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    ⌥N̶E̶V̶V̶R̶O̶▶ about 1 month ago

    when can we get the final version

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      naswalt 3 weeks ago

      this is a good-ass question that I'm still waiting on myself. We'll see if it pans out. Good things are coming regardless

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    808Leelo about 1 month ago

    yoooo im playing this beat through my system and i have two speakers behind me.

    and when the beat hit 1:36 - 1:39 it tripped me out with the panning <3

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    Balikna about 2 months ago

    just watched stranger things and this kinda reminded me of it at the beginning