Cover of track Odessa Keys by shpsky
  • about 1 year ago
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shpsky, Odessa Keys


over a year old

this wasnt actually made with vltra - i just shared it with him ages ago :'(

i'm not really that happy with it either, i just wanted to get past the barrier of not putting anything out for almost a month

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    kinnikinnik about 1 year ago

    love this calm house, it's just perfect

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    ... about 1 year ago

    still a really good track especially for being over a year old, maybe needs some of the muddiness in the mid low freq cleaned but its a fantastic vibe

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    Christian-Chrom about 1 year ago

    search my unpubed drafts also from time to time but i dont find such jewels ;)

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    The Seahorse about 1 year ago

    It's a great feeling to find a gem like this just languishing in one's draft box. Glad you published it. :)

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    matraque about 1 year ago