Cover of track Only Merger Challenge by *DISS* lil xom
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*DISS* lil xom, Only Merger Challenge

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this sounds like total crap. i was just like, "to heck with it," you know?

okay, so i challenged myself to only be able to use the merger as a mixer, and i ended up with a hell of an accidentally confusing setup and a much deeper appreciation for 16-channel mixers.

anyone else wanna try this?

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    Alexi about 1 year ago

    Xom u make the most crazy shit I've ever heard

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    Herlufsew about 1 year ago

    This is not hard for me since i mostly make my basses inside of my chords notes ;D

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    *DISS* lil xom about 1 year ago

    here's what u gotta do: publish your challenge entry (not as a remix of mine) without adding a cover onto the track so i can see the setup, and then send me the track's link on my wall. i'll judge the entrys.

    pls like this comment

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    ded about 1 year ago

    good idea.....