Cover of track Potasmic, his ice cream and the Reverb Monster by Potasmic
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Potasmic, Inavon, Potasmic, his ice cream and the Reverb Monster


In the land of no returns,

there was a guy named Potasmic.

He made killer basses, just to kill those zombies.

The next day when he walks out the street,

he say a big pink monster,

it says to him: "I am the reverb,

and I need your bass for some love".

It's just another lazy Saturday,

I am sitting here eating durian ice cream.

But when I'm bored I go on Audiotool,

I guess I'll just modulate this bass now.


Oh my god I should really stop eating this ice cream.

I think I'm getting diarrhea or diabetes soon.

What the f*ck am I even saying into this microphone?

This ice cream is really good.

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