Cover of track Pristine (Remix Competition) by BLΛПKSPΛCΣ
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BLΛПKSPΛCΣ, Pristine (Remix Competition)


I know this isn't much lmao and I'm sure it'll be p difficult to remix, but I wanted to test the abilities of you all.

I know ATD is ending, and many of you are still pushing to finish it.

-But for those looking to enter this, here are the rules and prizes:


1) Please use one element from the original (it can be any)

2) You may use other DAW's but using them may affect your chances of winning.

3) yah


1st place: Launchpad Mini, a clothing article of your choice (shirt, hat, etc.) from any online store (please be reasonable with the price), and if you would like a sample pack I have lying in my files (I have many genres so just take your pick).

2nd Place: Any item from any online store that is equal to or less that $10. Also a choice of a sample pack I have in my personal bank.

3rd Place: A sample pack of your choice from my personal storage, and a picture of a dog.

-I hope you all make time for this, as I am excited to see what you all can do. <3

-Due Date: January 25th :)

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