Cover of track Project Tidepool - Cerzolian Home System by -GComet-
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-GComet-, Ayearty, Project Tidepool - Cerzolian Home System


This song was made in the collaboration of Me - GComet, and one of my oldest and most apreciated friend I had here before and now still in this site. - Ayearty. He is an amazing trancy and tripster artist, creating cool and fun tracks, check him out! This is the most complex track I, and perhaps Ayearty have made so far!


Cerzolians are the main species that exist in the Arial Galaxy. One of the largest and most successful alien race, the Cerzolians had established a large network of interstellar "Warp Gates" These revolutionized the interstellar trade routes and supply management. It is also a cheap way to get to other solar systems with little risk and reasonable prices.

The Cerzolians are generally respected among the Galactic cluster, they help support alien civilizations that are falling behind and bind together technologies while growing a friendly community that can someday create intergalactic peace.

This Piece of music is only heard in the home-system of Reconis (The Cerzolian Home System)

This system is mainly peaceful, bur there is invasions of robotic enemies called "Provians"

More shall be explained as I make more songs.

This song and many others in this series are inspired greatly from the soundtracks of EVE, and SPORE.

----------= Made By A-Comet =----------

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    about 3 years ago

    Uhhh. Yes, another delicious dimension from you and Ayearty :)