Cover of track Purple Sun Bombs Rain on the Dawn by sapporo
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sapporo, Purple Sun Bombs Rain on the Dawn


Well first off my uncle, who has a degree in electronic music from Mills College was unpleasant enough to intrude on my music making and in the process was able to make it 10x better than it would have been. by intrude i mean he helped me make this thing by telling me what to do with the effects and also made the synth line that comes in at like 2/3 way through the song. generally he came up with the ideas and i made it happen although i had a few ideas of my own too, however most of them were unsuccesful in making the final cut and the ones that did are so subtle and meaningless that- well... whos gonna read this anyway?

its probably gonna be the start to an utterly unsuccesful album. i hope you like it.

one more thing. my said uncle is a musicmaking genius so- and i highly doubt a single person will read this- check him out at

hes an electronic musician and guitarist and artist and class A freeloader.

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