Cover of track Razor Sharp AT Remix Comp (Read Desc) (DrekGoal Remix) by Ctl_anDios (Old Account)
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Ctl_anDios (Old Account), Razor Sharp AT Remix Comp (Read Desc) (DrekGoal Remix)


I Wanted to Get the whole of AT Together to do a remix contest.



1. Must Keep the melody the same-ish, it has to sound like a remix.

2.Can Be any genre

3. Can Be made outside of AT

4. Have fun!


4th and below: A like and a digital high five.

3rd. A Follow and the above.

2nd: A mention on my wall and the above

1st: A collab (Optional), Garunteed place in a new group ( @athighfivers ) and song in new album and all above.

Deadline: September 1st 2014

Judging time: 1st September - 3rd.

Winners announced: 5th Sepmber.



And yes, credit to @ ed_co for making the melody on here. thats why kts labeled already as a rmx.

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