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abstract, reimagining

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I wanted to try to make something I would make a few years ago after listening to some of my older stuff. This was pretty fun

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    KrestWood 2 hours ago

    reimagining re imaging copying pasting flaking desert fork pork spork food... FOOD thats what this is?

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    gåbrëlë10√<====[]====>© 23 hours ago

    Clean synth

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    relatiivity 23 hours ago

    Too clean

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    looks 1 week ago


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      Ari. 1 day ago

      @zoored wasnt it like june 11th when you wrote that?

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      Kib 6 days ago

      Nice job, abstract, looks took the bait. Now lock him in his room, bolt him to his chair, and keep him on audiotool.

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      naswalt 1 week ago


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    naut 5 days ago

    "hurr durr we need sample upload to make music :(:(:(:("

    -people that needs to work on being less reliant on samples

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