Cover of track Riddle (Prod. by Psymun) by Nionsomnia
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Nionsomnia, Riddle (Prod. by Psymun)


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Yo I'm about to see some shit I ain't never see before.


Everything is a circle.

Never a straight line.

Everything is a cycle.

Summer to spring time.

Tomorrow don't exist.

Because there is no time.

Just some skeletons in my mind and they wanna survive.

That's why I lust sometimes.

That's why I crave sometimes.

But ain't nobody 'finna take my shine.

Cause the more and more that I cleanse.

The smaller the voices get.

And I find that most my wants were only bullshit.

I'm in the woods doing cool shit.

Young Tree

The Ophiucus

World's greatest mystery

Yeah, what's he talking bout?

Yeah, who is he?

You finna see.

As the heart of the world beats.

I'd say I'm a philosopher with a top hat.

I know you got a lot of intellect stored up in your mind,

But where the guap at?

I suck that shit up with a shop vac...

and free myself from the ???????

Now reverse the track back.


And I don't need a plan,

Man I got the whole world inside my backpack. - Young Tree (c)


Beat produced by Psymun (link is only visible to registered users)


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