Ayyy some dubsteo for you guys.

Also, this is my 500 track i guess, so ty ilysm all you guys. 500 in 7 months, not bad. ;)

p.s don't open this

p.s.s this is prolly the last full song i will release on here, i have barely any time to spend making music now, unless i can earn money off it, so ill be selling my music on bandcamp, (link is only visible to registered users) , i know its cheeky to ask for money especially when the artists on here are better than me dont, but i cant spend the time i do making music without earning. it's only 50p anyway, not much to you, but to me it is. ill publish 30 second snippets on here i guess. but i cant really afford time wise to spend hours on making tracks and not earning money when i could get a full time job. sorry but ye. also lowkey ty to everyone for supporting my music until now.


And, if you like the track, please would you go fave it on soundcloud too: (link is only visible to registered users) thanks!

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