My first actual track. Probably sounds terrible, but I kind of like it, so whatever I guess. Any feedback (constructive! dont be an asshole!) would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to learn as much as I can about using audiotool.

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  • Great idea in this, it's simple but there are good rythms and sounds :)

  • awesome

  • better than my first track lol

  • love the style, simplistic but complex in it's own way. very good sound structure for your first track as well, keep it up

    • thank you for listening and commenting! thank you for the follow as well

  • for your first track, this is absolutely epicness!

    and i suck at feedback so im just gonna say i really love how simple but pleasing it sounds, sounds like music i'd listen to while i'm painting n stuff :>

    • thank you so much for listening! i didnt want to overwhelm myself trying to use a bunch of stuff (plus my computer is old af). if you decide to remix it, that would be so super cool! but anyway yeah thanks for listening and commenting :)

    • i might remix this if i can think of how i can but i think i rather let it stay as it is cause it's e p i c

      gonna download this bad boy

  • try to make that arp stand out more or nerf the bass and lead just a bit for a maybe clearer mix

    not really bad for a first

  • *When you realize you gave absolutely 0 feedback whatsoever on this vibey first song... XD*

  • pretty good for your first track :)

    my first track was way worse than this lol

    • thank you so much!

      and your first track is just fine, i dont think anyone's first track is ever of expert quality or composition :)

  • Sounds nice fam. Not really good with synthwave myself, but i can say this is a good start !

  • Republished

    Now complete

  • Republished

    bit more to do, but this is the main thing i think i'll stick with

  • Ooh

  • Republished

    some bass

  • Republished

    ditched my drums and used a machiniste preset

  • Republished

    played with the synths, added gated reverb to drums, sidechain compression with synth and bass drum, next to mess around and find that synthy bass sound (if anyone's got advice on this, please do share, want to learn how to use everything, and not just relying on samples and presets)