Cover of track Sacrifice of a Snowflake (Flying Baby Seal Remix) by Flying Baby Seal
  • about 5 years ago
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Flying Baby Seal, Sacrifice of a Snowflake (Flying Baby Seal Remix)


vocals by jjweeks

thanks to Disguise for the brilliant original track !!

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    Alckhem about 5 years ago

    just noticed how well the vocals fit with the song! amazing remix here friedn

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    Illusio about 5 years ago

    oh my gosh!!! im honored!! thank you so much fbs! it really means alot that i am getting remixes at such an early stage

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    Yixdee about 5 years ago

    Magique !

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    Tailmf about 5 years ago

    Super remix ! La voix ajoutée va parfaitement avec la mélodie de fond ! Beau travail !

  • User Avatar

    Grotzo about 5 years ago

    TRès cool.